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There’s something in the air. Things are moving.

Flick on the TV and you hear it. Open up the newspaper and you see it. Literally, leaders have moved in and out of the White House, throngs of people are marching and moving. Hurricanes, snow storms and strong winds are whipping across the land.

Even if you are firmly entrenched in your lazy boy watching from afar, trust me, you are part of a movement. There is a shift in our midst from “what was” to “what will be”.

But on the road from “what was” to “what will be” is this place called uncertainty.

And uncertainty brings with it a major question… “NOW WHAT?”

Uncertainty stirs up a lot of emotion, and we want to rush through it as quickly as possible. But I invite you to linger in the “now what?” just long enough to do it justice.

When we replace our fear of uncertainty with wonder and curiosity about what’s unfolding, “now what’s?” become “why not’s?”

Consider your options.

  • You can put your head in the sand, panic, declare powerlessness, get stuck in the past, or worry about the future.

  • Or you can see this unsettled state as the opportunity that it can be. Yes, an opportunity – to reflect, gather information, connect with others, get creative, and think about new opportunities.

Uncertainty wakes us up. It creates a new awareness. That awareness leads us to choice. Our choices will bring about change.

We always have a choice.

We have choice at the global level, the national level, the local level, and the personal level. We have choice in the workplace and with our teams. We have choice on the home front and in our individual lives.

Where are you asking “now what?”

What will you do with your “now what?” What choices will you make?

In 2015, I engaged some experts to help me figure out my “now what?” and next business moves. One of the questions they posed was “what tailwinds do you see for your work in a couple of years?” I replied, “I see a shift coming. I see a future where people will need to be more open and reflective. They will be asking themselves how to make a difference, how to create less separation, and how to make collaboration as important as competition.”

I think that time is now. Are you experiencing a transition at work or home? What are the circumstances?

Are you struggling with uncertainty? Does it seem to have a hold on you?

What “now what?” circumstances could be inviting you to a “why not?” move?

Much more to come…stay with me.


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