The "Now What?" Transformation™ Clarity Card Deck

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The deck of life and work gets shuffled on us routinely. And we find ourselves asking “now what?” and searching for answers.

This “Now What?" Transformation™ Clarity Card Deck brings immediate answers to the palm of your hand.

This 56-card deck is filled with inspiration, information, thought-provoking questions and transformational actions you can take to move through whatever life or work transition you may be facing.

How to use the cards:

  • Review them to find clarity and confidence in your uncertain time.
  • When in doubt, pull a card and assume it’s the message you need to hear right now.
  • Post the card you most need to focus on right now in plain view—bulletin board, refrigerator, mirror.
  • Share a message or inspiration with others.
  • Use them as conversation-starters with your co-workers, friends or family.
  • Let them help you figure out what to do next.

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