In today's fast-paced world, change is the only constant. The work world is growing ever-more complicated and home life is full of challenging transitions. Personal and professional "fogs" have the power to blindside us and keep us from moving forward.

Brenda K. Reynolds is a sought-after organization and leadership consultant, coach, speaker and author.

This "Now What?" expert can help organizations, leaders, teams and individuals transform uncertainty into clarity with her keynotes and seminars.

To see Brenda in action, watch her TEDx talk on Navigating Transition Fog HERE.

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Take the Wheel!
How to Navigate "Transition Fog"
Take the Wheel!
How to Navigate "Transition Fog"
Discover simplification strategies for cutting through complexity, seeing more clearly and
creating positive outcomes.
Change is Good!
You Go First
An interactive segment where participants uncover strategies for enduring more change than
they ever thought possible.
Plan "A" is an Illusion!
Master Plan "Be"
6 tips to help you learn how to BE with certainty.
Be a Transition Magician!
How to Turn Uncertain Times into Gold Mines
How to make the time between "what was" and "what will be" work for you.
Now What?
The Answer is in the Cards...
Learn how to move meaningfully, mindfully and positively through any transition using Brenda's
"Now What?" Transformation Clarity Card Deck.


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Brenda blends her business savvy with personal transparency to create real impact for her clients and commands an audience.

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