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Life doesn't always go as planned. Even welcome changes can be challenging.

FROGS is an acronym for the spaces we jump between in the face of a change or a disorienting life event. This journal guides you through your 5 FROGS® transformation journey on the road to greater resilience.


Document your hops, hopes, leaps, and laments here in this safe space on the road to resilience and crowning a more expanded, royal version of yourself.


The 5 FROGS® Transformation Journal—a powerful tool designed to guide you through your transformation journey towards greater resilience.

It's here to help you navigate those murky waters with grace, courage, and a touch of froggy wisdom. 
FROGS is an acronym for the spaces we jump between in the face of a change or a disorienting life event. My own unexpected life shift as well as my work with leaders and organizations showed me this pattern. 













  • F: FREAKING OUT. Life as I’d known it had fallen apart. I was at a fork-in-the-road. I was freaking out and wanted it to fall back together asap.

  • R: REFLECTING AND RESPONSIBILITY. As I took on new responsibilities as a single mom and provider, I reflected on one key question—now what? How was I going to manage this disorienting event, what was my responsibility in getting here, and what choices would I need to make now?

  • O: Over time, I was slowly but surely OVERCOMING OBSTACLES.

  • G: GROWING. Despite myself and my circumstances, I was GROWING—in small and big ways.

  • S: SOVEREIGN SELF. And here’s the thing—none of the growth had to do with a prince. There was no magical kiss or crown—just me, crowning a royal, more resilient version of myself—a stronger, evolved, expanded, transformed version of myself.

Any journey through uncertain terrain and challenging times requires a map. Brenda's 5 FROGS® model offers a trusted guide to navigating change.
Even more, her process and these journaling practices will help you trust yourself as you grow into who you are becoming.

- Ken Beldon, LSW, Psychotherapist serving individuals and couples


Brenda Reynolds is an inspiring change agent who has helped leaders, organizations, teams and individuals turn their "Now what?" challenges into "Why Not?!"  possibilities for over twenty years. 


She was inspired to write TBD--To Be Determined: Leading with Clarity and Confidence when her own life went sideways in 2008, and she had to navigate her own uncertain times. When she realized she drew upon many of the skills she uses in her consulting work, she was inspired to share them with others. TBD blends professional case study examples with personal anecdotes and stories, making the concepts and strategies applicable for the workplace and the life space!

Brenda's newest Amazon Bestseller is The 5 FROGS® Transformation JournalIt is a resource and tool for anyone navigating change and wanting to find more clarity and resilience. FROGS is an acronym for the spaces we jump between in the face of a change.  Authored with a heartfelt blend of wisdom and creativity, this journal is an intimate companion on the journey toward resilience. With thought-provoking prompts and inspiring quotes scattered throughout, it gently nudges its owner to reflect on challenges and find ways to overcome them with courage and resilience. It's a great tool for navigating personal or workplace changes, and supporting employee health and wellness! 

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