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We are organizational consultants with a knack for engaging strategies, an eye for surprising connections, and a devotion to inspired results, specializing in transforming complex situations that require compassionate, imaginative, results-oriented intervention.
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 Who is

For over 20 years, Brenda K. Reynolds has educated, trained and coached tens of thousands of people throughout hundreds of organizations with her engaging and informative presentations. She’s an expert at helping leaders, teams, and organizations navigate complex times and transitions.


Brenda's informative and inspirational technique helps her audiences make surprising connections between concepts & strategies and their own professional & personal life realities. 


She delivers more meaning and productivity into the workplace…and life space. Brenda's expertise is in helping organizations effectively manage the people-side of business. She holds an M.S. in Organization Development and uses her background to bring practical, collaborative methods to complex issues.  Brenda works with a deep understanding of organizational reality, having held leadership positions in a healthcare system and national environmental consulting organization.

She develops lasting relationships with everyone from the CEO to new hires, reinvigorating the entire system and helping everyone see possibilities and potential. She has a special gift for creating mutual trust (even in the most difficult environments), uniting people behind a common vision, and making sure they have the energy and the know-how to succeed in making that vision a reality. And when everyone else is stuck or adrift, Brenda comes up with a fresh perspective that gets things back on track.

That’s why Brenda has earned a reputation as a results-getter for a wide range of clients in business, government, nonprofits, education, and healthcare.


Culture change.

Transition management.

Continuous improvement support.

Organization dynamics.

Strategic planning.


Executive coaching.

Leadership dynamics.

New leadership transitions.

Executive team development and retreats.


Training and development.

Strategic team coaching.

Customized interventions and facilitation. 


Case Studies

We worked with this new hospital to create a strong and energetic organizational culture, from the first planning stages to opening the doors (and beyond). We strategized with leaders to define the desired culture, designed orientation for 500+ new hires, provided training and coaching for individual leaders (including physicians), and developed teams at all levels and in all departments.

Years of poor management had put this emergency services department in the news for all the wrong reasons. We worked with them to rebuild broken trust, develop respect and accountability, and change counterproductive policies. We  trained and coached leaders and teams to step into their professional power …and helped them create an award-winning workplace.

We guided this school district through two major transitions, as they opened a 9th grade center and added a second high school. This delicate work required fully engaging the faculty, breaking down barriers, and creating positive momentum. We also worked behind the scenes, advising the leadership as they turned their ambitious vision into reality. Today, the schools are ranked among the top 3% of high schools in the state.

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