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Coaching & Educational Programs 

The 5 FROGS®  coaching and educational programs are based on a proprietary framework for resilience developed by Brenda Reynolds. 

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The 5 FROGS®  Framework

5 FROGS® is an acronym for the five emotional places and spaces we find ourselves experiencing in the midst of a disorienting life event. This may be an event we chose or one that we didn't choose but is showing up. This framework shifts your mindset to help you navigate a job loss, divorce, move, health scare, death, new role, marriage, a new business, having baby, and more!

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Our programs provide content and strategies to help you navigate each of the five spaces: 


Freaking Out


Reflecting and Responsible


Overtime, Overcoming Obstacles



Stronger, Sovereign Self—bringing us to an expanded version of ourself


The 5 FROGS® Educational Programs

The 5 FROGS® keynote and workshop is ideal for your group or event. Brenda walks the audience through the 5 FROGS® model in her interactive style and provides important and useful strategies for transforming individuals or teams. Learn how to bring this event to your organization, team or special event.

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Who is Your Coach?

Brenda K. Reynolds, M.S. draws on her own corporate leadership roles, extensive consulting experience, and the experience of her life gone sideways in 2008 to meet coaching clients where they are. She has authentic, real-time talks about each coaching client's whole life experience and equips clients with easy-to-apply strategies and inspiration to guide them through their "Now What?" moments.


The 5 FROGS® Coaching Program

The 5 FROGS® coaching program is for individuals looking to transform their "Now What?" moment to a "Why Not?" opportunity. The program is intended to take participants from breakdown to breakthrough over the course of 3 months. To learn more, drop us a note. Coaching slots are limited.

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New Release

The 5 FROGS® guided journal is your companion for reflections on the road to resilience. Use it to document your transformation and resilience journey. It can be used as part of the coaching program, speaking event,  workshop or as a stand-alone tool. 

The 5 FROGS® Guided Journal

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