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Dealing with uncertainty will be part of our leadership landscape forever. TBD offers you 10 concepts our uncertain world needs right now. It’s the very resource to help you navigate yourself and others through change.

But, reading a book is just the beginning. Discussing and learning from it gives it life, meaning, and value. So, I wanted to make it easy for you to gather with colleagues to discuss TBD: Leading with Clarity and Confidence in Uncertain Times.

There’s so much more to a book discussion than determining “if everyone liked the book“. So, I’ve created this guide to help you facilitate a robust discussion. I’ve set it up with the option to discuss the book as a whole or a chapter or two at a time. I trust it will get you on the road to learning, connecting, and new ways of dealing with uncertainty.

Download this Discussion Guide for FREE! You can purchase signed copies of TBD right here in our store, or by making your purchase through Amazon here.

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